Ben Franklin '13, and Roy Painter '16, were the organizers of the Prohibition Association at Washburn College. The Association was organized in 1910. Ben Franklin was the first president. The second year the first representative, Ben Franklin, was sent to the state oratorical contest, and represented Kansas in the inter-state contest.

The Association was the piloted through several progressive years with Ray Brooks and Robert Whitcomb at presidents. The membership was increased in 1913-14 to over one hundred.

The untiring efforts and work of Robert Whitcomb as president, with the help of a loyal and enthusiastic membership brought the National Prohibition convention here from Dec. 29, 1914, to Jan. 1, 1915.

This year the work of the association has been intensive rather than extensive. The membership has not been increased, but a regular system of lectures has been maintained, covering all phases of the prohibition work. Harold Whitehead was the representative this year to the State Oratorical Contest.

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Great info, thank you.


This is a great news, now you are able to produce a kind of Yearbook that will gather all the pioneer and even the latest graduates. I am sure the members will gratefully love the idea and now they will get the huge number of the Association to fill the Yearbook to make it more meaningful to all, and I suggest make if its possible, make it personalize, put it the name of the student’s holder of the Yearbook to make it special to them. Just only a suggestion.


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